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Lavender essential oil is useful for external use. A few drops of Lavender essential oil are mixed with base oil (eg olive oil) and this mixture massages the forehead and the temples, used for headache. Suitable for massaging the neck, loins and lower back, and for use in muscle pain.

It is used to relieve stress, depression and insomnia by injecting a few drops of oil into the boiling water tank and inhaling. It rapidly acts sedatively through the olfactory receptors in the nose to the brain. Due to its wide range of activities, it is recommended as a mandatory part of any home pharmacy:

  • Suitable for use in a candlestick for room freshening;
  • Soothes nervous tension, relieves stress and insomnia;
  • It relieves pain and has a positive effect on headaches;
  • It facilitates breathing in respiratory problems ;
  • Nourishes and tones all skin types;
  • Revitalizes skin with burns, wounds and acne;
  • It soothes the skin and itching after the insect bites;
  • Natural repellent;
  • Insect protection.

The intoxicating scent of Lavender oil is a powerful protection against many insects such as mosquitoes, flies and moths especially in the summer. To adequately protect yourself from these attacks, it is advised to apply a small amount of this oil to the skin before going outside.

Packing: 100 ml