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The homeland of the Savory is the Mediterranean. The genus Satureja comprises about 30 sorts. In our country there are 9 sorts of this genus, the most used of which are two: sherry – Satureja montana and sage – Satureja hortensis. The use of Savory goes back to ancient times. It was used by ancient Romans as a spice. The name of the genus Satureja comes from the Latin word “saturare” which means to feed, to satiate, because the plant was used in the diet. Many members of this genus are known for their aromatic and medicinal properties. Due to the strong phenolic character of the Satureja essential oil, the species possess a characteristic aroma. The Savory is a perennial plant from the Lamiaceae family. Savory is a plant of warm and sunny climate, most suited to the sunny side, with enough light and heat. It tolerates drought well, but requires normal humidity at the stage of growth and development of the aboveground part.

Planting Savory is done in the spring or fall. Testing in our country has shown that autumn planting is much more successful than spring. Harvesting is done in the initial flowering phase. This is the phase when the plants have the most active substances and the leaves have the most leaves. From the Savory, an overhead part is used – herb. The herb is used for tea as well as for the production of essential oil. Essential oil is used in the perfume industry for the manufacture of toilet soaps, and in the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of some medicines. The fresh herb in the flower has 0.1 – 0.3 percent of essential oil. The essential oil contains carvacrol, cinnamon, terpene and other substances. Due to the presence of phenolic compounds, Savory essential oil has a strong antiseptic effect. First of all, it is an extraordinary antibacterial and antiviral oil. It works immunologically and is indicated in bacterial pulmonary infections and urogenital infections. Essential oil is also used in the cosmetic industry in the production of soaps and powder detergents, the production of perfumes, alone or together with other essential oils.